Flutter/Dart Developer (experienced or willing to learn)

Job description

CHILI publish is developing the most advanced and flexible online editing platform to automate repetitive tasks for graphic designers, convert static documents into smart templates, and fit seamlessly into any stack or data system. We embarked on a greenfield product development project to build the next generation applications for our SAAS solution. A key component of our product is the web based document editor which is build using Flutter and Dart. 

We are looking for an experienced Flutter/Dart Developer to strengthen our team.

You will

  • Design and build custom widgets with focus on performance
  • Implement server side rendering using Flutter Custom Embedder
  • Engineer CHILI's advanced in-house text rendering engine
  • Work on QuickJS plugin runtime development
  • Optimise technical documentation and CI/CD
  • Expand a growing set of Golden Tests
  • Implement and adopt new Flutter framework features


You tick these boxes:

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science with a minimum of 2 years experience in well-tested development using Flutter and Dart OR an experienced software engineer with an interest to learn and grow as a Flutter developer (we provide training resources and expert guidance)
  • Eager to learn and share the latest advancements in Flutter/Dart technology and related tools
  • Performance is key, every re-render counts and you know how to safeguard that
  • Familiar working in a multi-disciplinary team using unit tests and CI/CD as the backbone of a Code Review process (which we also expect you to participate in, sharing is caring)

You make us extra smile if you have

  • Worked on applications with advanced graphics, a focus on rendering and performance
  • Targeted the Web or Linux for your Flutter / Dart development  
  • Knowledge on CI/CD pipeline configuration (we use TeamCity)
  • Used dart analysis and golden tests before
  • In-depth knowledge of the Flutter rendering pipeline and platform implementations

What’s in it for you?

  • Grow with us in a dynamic MarTech product scale-up with exciting development projects and a talented tech crew
  • A competitive salary package tuned to your personal situation
  • The flexibility to use your talent wherever you are. Yes, you can collaborate with colleagues in our office in Aalst (Belgium) or work from your favourite coffee bar in Madrid, Berlin or Istanbul. Whatever European timezone location works for you, works for us!
  • The opportunity to code crunch on a renowned product at an international company. English is the office language, but we do Dutch/French/German/Spanish and local dialects too

You’ll see we work hard, play hard and care even more!