Product Marketing Manager

Job description

Our Product Marketing Manager knows our graphic software solution in and out. Our software serves brands, agencies, designers and printers on different levels. So we need you to be the M/F/X connection between product, company, customers and our team. You know how to go to market, stay top-of-mind in the market and how to translate market feedback into product enhancements. You think, talk, walk tech. And have a wonderful personality to go with.

Your responsibilities

Our Product Marketing Manager gets things done within different departments at the company. Which ones? Glad you asked. 

Marketing, PR & Communications

  • Be the ultimate inter-departmental liaison - as a Product Marketing Manager, you’ll be the catalyst that leverages the knowledge of our R&D teams into lead-generating collateral that empowers our sales people.
  • Become fluent in all things CHILI publisher - technical documentation and geeky jargon don’t scare you. On the contrary, you’ll translate specs into passionate and exciting marketing material.
  • Own our product portfolio - you’ll be THE product reference, collating internal info you know how to relay to our communications team for outstanding outbound communication.
  • The way of the webinar - webinars are a powerful online tool, and you’ll oversee their planning and execution to generate, nurture, and solidify leads.
  • You’re a whizz with the web - our product pages need constant TLC, so that means keeping our messaging on-brand, updating product descriptions and ensuring all brochures and datasheets are looking their best
  • Visual flair is your middle name - you’ll brief our designer on how best to market our products while supplying the snappiest shots for our demo portal.

Market analysis & business intelligence gathering

  • Your finger is on the pulse - you’re an eagle-eyed marketing professional ready to sniff out emerging market trends while analyzing the portfolios and performance of our competitors.
  • SWOT it - we need you to drive change for the better by identifying our strengths, weaknesses and more. In general, and by vertical.
  • Product strategy FTW - along with our CTO, you’ll develop a strategy that not only keeps teams happy but is also reactive to customer feature requests. (hello customer success stories!)
  • The price is right - your smart pricing advice to the sales department illustrates the value of CHILI publisher as is in the graphic design arena.
  • Customer Success BFF – you liaise with our Customer Success team to become a customer feedback savant, using interviews and feedback to identify key pain points and determine how new features will influence a product’s growth and a customer’s journey.


Your offer

  • Do you have five or more years of product marketing experience for a software solution? Awesome! Are at least two of them in a market-facing role? Double awesome!
  • It should be a given that you’re really into ROI tracking and have a burning passion for market analysis and strategy implementation.
  • Quirky sense of humor? Step right up, you’ll be speaking directly to customers and in public speaking roles. We believe humor to be the highest form of intelligence. (Agree/disagree?)
  • Cross or score, team is how you play. You'll play home game in our Belgian office in Aalst, but will be collaborating globally. That's why we rely on various collaboration and planning tools to facilitate everyone helping out everyone, regardless of location.
  • Marketing is your passion. You’ll be right at home using automation tools such as Hubspot and Google Analytics, and/or collaboration and CRM tools like Teams and Salesforce.
  • Public speaking comes with the job . Ideally you have a real flair for punchy content and you know how to enthuse (cross-functional) teams and third parties alike.

    We believe in the power of human capital. If we’re a match, we’ll give as good as we get. Salary (duh), work/life/health balance, Flex Income Plan – you see where we’re going here. 

    We work hard, play hard. Care even more. Join our team.