Product Owner

Job description

What came first? The chicken or the egg? 

If solving complex issues is your thing, we need you.

CHILI publish is shaping tomorrow’s graphics. We’re a scale-up specializing in high tech solutions for graphical marketing automation. Our customers create omnichannel material for numerous markets. CHILI publisher is the Universal Graphics Engine that makes sure they can create smart artwork and marketing material - faster and better. What started in print, is expanding into other markets. We have plenty of creative ideas to make the software work for other markets too, but we need someone who knows how to translate creative into development into implementation into new success


Are you the one?

You have a pragmatic analytical mind and the skillset to put your theory into good practice. You thrive on turning analysis into strategy into execution. That also means you know how to pragmatically creatively deal with our customer services team for feedback and creatively pragmatically with our developers for implementation. If you can collate, analyse, structure and implement, you are the M/F/X to drive solution innovation at CHILI publish. 

Can you?


  • Demonstrate proven experience as a product owner or analyst turning analysis into a high-end fully functional solution?
  • Or display hard core motivation as a developer who’s eager to start doing this? 
  • Prove you have worked on products or projects that involved complex software or applications.
  • Laugh in the face of complex technical challenges? We’re holding out for a Mad Max hero here, you know.  
  • Translate tech into product and vice versa? Aka communicate technical issues into an assessment C-level management or customers will understand. And return the favor to developers? 
  • Take ownership over products and projects, you analyze customer/market trends, assess these with customer feedback and CHILI publish development potential, drive test programs, re-assess throughout implementation? 
  • Be a team player? 

We don’t mind the size of your ego, as long as it can play nice with the rest of the team. Oh, and we’re an international bunch, English is mandatory. Any other language is a bonus!


And are you willing to

  • Organize meetings both internally and externally with team, stakeholders, customers, etc. for feedback and requirements. All in close cooperation with our technical team. 
  • Analyze and document the impact of critical product changes.
  • Create diagrams for component communication and visual mockups to illustrate application flows and component layouts.
  • Convert functional requirements into backlog items.
  • Write functional requirements for product features and product documentation

Basically, become indispensable to the future of our solution and success?


Then please help us lay the eggs so we can make them the way our customers like them.


What’s in it for you?

  • Flexibility – we work hard when we have to. Our family and life should not suffer, though. So the office is located in Aalst, just before the main traffic jam sore spots. We have homeworking arrangements and embrace flexible hours required. Quite simply, we give as good as we get.  
  • Empowerment – we value your skills and the added value you bring to the table. It is remunerated in an attractive salary package and appreciated by your amazing coworkers.
  • Fun – the CHILI publish team works together, hangs together, stays in for some old-school video games, eats in or out on greasy fries’ Friday (no problem if you’re the vegan type!). We also know when to leave each other alone when need. And please, bring your corny jokes to the interview, sense of humor is essential to survive our mad hatter’s party.